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Written & Illustrated by Amy Kliever


(Available for publication)


Interactive Graphic Novel 

Ages 7-12

Shrink down to the world of Ryn, where the the ‘Recyclers’ live; the Australian cousins to the ‘Borrowers.’ Ryn travels to the River Tree Hotel to get the magical Flame Flower which will heal her dying mother. She’s able to acquire the Flower but the next day finds herself trapped at the hotel! She must find a way to escape and get home to her mother in time.

This interactive graphic novel is for ages 7-12 years and made for video-game loving kids. It’s a fun screen-free  adventure packed with activities, all with a useful inventory.  Ryn has to use all her ingenuity to find her way up through the hotel from the lowest level to an airship at the top, which can take her home.


Along the way, she has to avoid trouble by using maps, choosing the right path, solving puzzles, going through mazes, cracking codes, braving the dangerous, mysterious 7th level and outsmarting looters. After many set-backs, and unexpected help, she’s able to escape and get home to her mother in time.



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